How to Turn ON/OFF Preview Pane in Windows Explorer?

Let’s understand what is the “preview pane” in Microsoft Windows Explorer, first?

A panel/an area in Windows Explorer, where you can see the preview of the selected file (especially image file’s preview). It is very useful when you want to open a specific file from many files, you can see the preview that specific file in “preview pane” and open.

See the image below
windows explorer preview pane

You can see, “preview pane” at the right side of windows explorer, you can click on any file/image at the left side panel, instantly preview will be shown in the preview pane.

How to Turn ON/OFF preview pane?

If you are unable to see the preview of the selected files, that means “preview pane” is turned OFF, you can Turn ON or if you don’t want to see the previews you can Turn Off this features, by using following two ways:
1) Using shortcut key

Open Windows Explorer and then press ALT+P keys (Hold down the ALT key and press P key), this shortcut key will be turned off “preview pane”, if it is Turned ON else “preview pane” will be Turned ON.

2) Using Menu

Go to the “View Menu” click on the “Preview Pane” to make it enable or disable, see the image below,

preview pane



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