Enable Fingerprint lock in WhatsApp on Android

Fingerprint lock in WhatsApp was a long due feature. While the other IM apps such as Telegram caught up in the race and introduced many features WhatsApp did not.

It is the strategy of Facebook to exploit the popularity of WhatsApp rather than making it famous (as if it wasn’t already) by introducing new features.

Or maybe, Facebook wants to keep it simple to use for its users which covers very diverse demographics. Nonetheless, fingerprint lock is here and now you don’t need third-party apps to protect your privacy.

Feature Highlights of Fingerprint lock in WhatsApp

  • More Secure, no more third-party apps required.
  • Option to enable it immediately, after 1 minute or after 30 minutes.
  • No interruption in WhatsApp calls.
  • Option to show notification/new messages on the lock screen.

As pointed out above, the main security concern apart from physical access were those shoddy WhatsApp lock apps. Such apps are very intrusive in nature. They fill your phone with junks (ads files) and shows you ads even when you are not willing to see it. Such apps can download third party scripts and use your phone in many ways, even as a cyber weapon. The possibilities are endless. So it is better to avoid such apps.

How to enable fingerprint lock in WhatsApp? It is quite simple. Just follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp messaging app. Oh and if you have third party protection only for WhatsApp then please remove it.

More options in WhatsApp

Step 2: Tap on the options/menu on the upper right corner which looks like 3 vertical dots.


Step 3: Tap on settings. (I know you know but someone doesn’t know… No Cringe, please!)

Navigate to settings in WhatsApp

Step 4: Tap on Account. (Just a few more steps.).

Settings options in WhatsApp

Step 5: Tap on Privacy (The one with a lock icon).

Account settings in WhatsApp

Step 6: Scroll down. Tap on fingerprint lock. Enable it.

Privacy settings in WhatsApp
Enable Fingerprint lock in WhatsApp

Step 7: It’ll ask you for a fingerprint scan to enable the same feature. Touch the fingerprint sensor.

Scan to register fingerprint in WhatsApp

Step 8: After enabling the fingerprint lock in WhatsApp, you’ll be provided a few options to choose from.

Automatic lock interval