Back, yet again!

Here we go again. The site is up and running!

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Back, yet again!

I bought this domain in the year 2013, and it has been 8 years since. I even had lost the domain for a couple of years and bought it again in 2017. It is special to me. That's pretty obvious, it is short, has my name in it.

But the main reason is that I got into serious blogging with this domain. It is a different matter that I continued blogging with some other domain. Actually, no, not so different... the reason is the pursuit of perfection.

I created and deleted the same site again and again, with very marginal improvements or none at all sometimes. This is the cost of perfection.

I have worked on numerous platforms like blogger, Wix, WordPress and now I am settling for Ghost. I found this very simple as limited options give me enough time to focus on design and content.

If you want to write your heart out then platform matters only in terms of reach. Like Facebook is a great platform to reach your friends, family, or your audience. Unless you don't want Zuck snooping all over you and sending ads totally irrelevant or creepily relevant to you.

Don't chase perfection, just do it.